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Equipment financing in a business environment

Equipment Leasing

What is Equipment Leasing?

When money is unavailable to purchase equipment, we have options available where you can lease the equipment from a funder. If working capital is sparse, this is a method that can be used to meet the product demands. Leasing is an effective method because it allows you to make payments on equipment as the cash flow is being generated.

Whether you need it because of an unexpected increase in demand or a machine just needs to be replaced, we can find financing that will disperse the burden of costly equipment. Not only will it help streamline costs over a long period of time, it also allows for better flexibility when there are significant technological changes.

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Is Leasing Equipment Right for Your Business?

Does your business rely heavily on having top-of-the-line equipment? Do you often find that your company’s finances are very limited every time new equipment has to be purchased? Does your company need new equipment to handle an increase in orders, but you don’t currently have the funding to buy the equipment outright? If any of these questions apply to you then equipment financing is just what you need!

To find out more information about equipment leasing please contact us by email or give us a call at (844) 839 - FUND.