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Service Industry accounts receivable financing

Service Industry

The service sector is one of the industries that can benefit most from accounts receivable financing. Because these companies have no tangible assets, it is very difficult for them to get any supplement funding from the banks. Banks prefer to lend against assets like land and inventory because they can easily be resold if the loan is not paid back. That however does not mean that your service-powered business cannot be successful.

Here at Pivot Financial, we examine the credit worthiness of your clients to get you the maximum funding possible. In a quick and easy process, we can get you money in days rather then weeks or months.

Accounts receivable financing also allows your business to build debt-free capital that can strengthen your overall business.

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One of the biggest benefits of receivable financing is that you can take on larger clients and offer them credit terms without the fear of having no funds to pay your employees. The service industry is growing exponentially and to take full advantage of all the opportunities that are readily available, companies must have the working capital to fund the costs of the increased demand.

Let’s use a security guard company as an example. They provide security for retail stores and residential complexes. As part of their business practice, they extend payment terms to their customers so that they can use this as a selling feature to prospective and current clients. However, they pay their employees every two weeks, and often times do not have the cash flow to pay every employee every two weeks. The company is profitable, but because of fluctuating business, some months the working capital is drained more than others. With Pivot Financial we provide (through factoring) services that will help with your cash flow!

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