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Alternatice financing for all industries


Pivot Financial is your solution to cash flow problems. Whether you require an alternative financing solution to fill cash flow gaps or you need to finance the purchase of new inventory or equipment, we have a working capital solution that will accommodate your needs. With our custom tailored solutions, we have helped many businesses improve their cash flow.

While our main focus is on providing cash flow solutions, we can also work with you to better manage other financial aspects of your business such as currency hedging, budgeting and strategic planning.

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Here is a list of the main services which we currently provide:

Accounts Receivable Financing – The sale of invoices at a discount in exchange for immediate cash. Receivable Financing is not considered debt and good for businesses that are going through a rapid growth or have recently seen their cash flow diminish.

Asset Based Lending – An alternative lending method where money is loaned against secured or collateralized assets. The amount of money given up is based on the underlying value of the asset and how easily it is liquidated.

Purchase Order Financing – Purchase order financing is a temporary funding method where you have invoiced your customer for a product, and need cash to help purchase and ship the product. We provide the letter of credit to the manufacturer or supplier and will then collect the invoice from your customer.

Equipment Leasing – A popular method for businesses that want to maintain a steady cash flow, it creates flexibility to make regular payments on their equipment rather than pay for the equipment upfront.

Business Loans – A lump sum of cash provided upfront against secured assets. Business loan payment terms and length are established and interest is paid accordingly.

Mezzanine Finance – Mezzanine Finance is a secondary financing solution where the business requires additional capital to manage growth and acquisitions. It is a more expensive lending program because of the inferior position it takes to the primary funding principle. Mezzanine Finance allows smaller companies to obtain additional funding beyond which traditional lenders tend to provide.