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Receivable financing for staffing agencies

Staffing Agencies

Cash flow can often be a problem for company’s that have peak seasons and have the demand for increased staffing during busy seasons. While growth is always considered a good thing, it can often put a strain on your cash flow. This is especially the case with temporary staffing agencies. They have either acquired more business or their current customers require more workers, either way it can often put these agencies in a difficult financial position.

If you are a relatively new business or see season peaks in sales then Pivot Financial may be the perfect solution. We offer receivable financing to staffing companies that have a demand that outweighs their current financial standing. Whether it be a onetime loan when bills just need to be paid, or a monthly investment because credit terms don’t align – we tailor our programs to fit your business.

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We understand how difficult it is for a new business to receive a line of credit from the bank, and we also know that the staffing industry has its peak seasons which may be very hard to predict. We also know that in most cases, the payroll has to be paid out even up to 30 days before the company gets paid. That is why we create the best receivable financing solution that allows not only flexibility but financial stability. As long as you can meet the demands of your clients, we can get you the funding that will not only pay salaries and wages, but give your business additional working capital.

Don’t let customer’s slip away because you don’t have the capacity to handle them. Let Pivot Financial grow with your business and allow you to maximize your profit and potential.

If your staffing agency has cash flow problems or you just have any questions, send us an email or give us a call at (844) 839 - FUND.